Brandyn Schult

Brandyn is a security researcher and systems analyst at BCI. His research and analysis have focused on understanding the socio-technical implications of design and operational choices for weapon and industrial control systems. In this research, he has advocated for new modes of thought and approaches to cybersecurity such as chaos engineering, development operations, safety-based design, and systems thinking.
At BCI, Brandyn focuses his research on improving the human operator, on the ability to train, adapt, and assess. The research will improve our ability to operate and to make decisions based on empirical evidence of improvement and optimization of the processes. The goal is to empower the human.
Previously, Brandyn was a staff member at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in the Cybersecurity Division. Before joining Lincoln, Brandyn was a steward of the marine research station at Mount Desert Rock in Maine.
Brandyn holds an MPS in Cybersecurity from University of Maryland Baltimore County and a BA in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic.