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Cybersecurity: The Intersection of Technology and Policy

Course Description

Course Length

6 days

This course is a concise and intuitive understanding for those that must balance cybersecurity with other priorities such as budgets, legal issues, compliance standards, and public policy.

This course includes guest speakers from across the cybersecurity ecosystem, from hands-on-keyboard operators up to chief executives; thus, allowing students to see not only how policy can be designed and implemented, but also how those policies affect people at the ground level.

This course begins by giving students a conceptual framework to understand the fundamentals of cyberspace. Then, through this lens, students can understand how to best interpret and leverage the myriad of policy documents, standards, and laws with which organizations are expected to comply.

This course covers policies from NIST recommendations and federal compliance standards to executive orders and presidential directives. Beyond compliance, students will learn about cyber mission assurance and how to assess, improve, and maintain the cybersecurity of their systems through technology and policy.