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Nation State Malware

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5 days

Malware is undeniably a tool of foreign policy. Many famous cases exist, such as Stuxnet against Iranian centrifuges, the Wiper malware against Saudi Aramco, and the North Korean malware against Sony. Each malicious piece of software had a design, a goal, and an execution.

In this course, we focus on malware as a weapon, and discuss how it’s designed and its priorities. We cover the tactics, techniques, and procedures which went into designing and deploying some of history's best malware.

There are many famous case-studies that it would behoove any commander to learn from, lest they are determined to repeat the same mistakes.

APT / Malware Series: China (3-day), Russia (3-day), Iran (3-day), North Korea (2-day), ISIS (2-day)