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Ghidra Pro

Ghidra Pro is a commercially supported suite of reverse engineering tools based on the open-source Ghidra framework. With pre-integrated open-source plugins, custom functionality, and support contracts, Ghidra Pro helps reverse more binaries faster.


What makes Ghidra Pro special?


  • Custom Extensions and Plugins: Ghidra Pro comes pre-integrated with open source and BCI private plugins, letting you get to work more quickly with a reliable product

  • More supported firmware: Ghidra Pro loads more firmware than standard Ghidra

  • Python 3: Ghidra Pro includes Python 3, so you don’t have to write code in a language with an end-of-life from 2010

  • Ghidrascripts: Need to automatically extract features from hundreds of binaries? We’ve got a script for that. Ghidra Pro comes with custom Ghidrascripts developed over years of reverse engineering.

  • Enterprise support: Ghidra not recognizing your firmware blob? Our support engineers will develop a custom loader for you.


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