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Embedded Reversing and Exploitation

24-Week Comprehensive Bootcamp

Course Description

This course is intended for the engineers and scientists who are in the weeds assessing tactical platforms for cyber vulnerabilities. This course is majority hands-on-keyboard reversing and exploiting embedded systems, with theory and lectures as needed. Exercises include x86, x64, PowerPC, MIPS, and ARM architectures. After completing this course, students will have the practical skills to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in embedded systems.

Course Dates

Request Info

Course Location

The course can be provided on sponsor premises or offsite.



The course is charged per student. There is a minimum of 10 students needed for the course to run and a maximum of 30 students. Price is negotiable based on length, material, and facilities.


Class Format

This course is driven by hands-on exercises with theory and diagrams in support. Each student will have access to their own hosted virtual machine (VM). This VM will contain all the tools, exercises, and documents for the class.



Students are assumed to have a basic knowledge of programming in C and/or C++. Prior exposure to programming in x86 (or any other assembly language) is a plus but is not expected.

Teaching Methodology


  1. Course is built around students performing the necessary tasks, with instructors supporting them through slides, theory, and diagrams

  2. Individual, partner, and team-based exercises

  3. Emphasis on communication of results through writing reports and presenting with the standard of scientific repeatability to a skeptical audience

  4. Pre/post assessment

  5. Metrics during course

  6. Curriculum is holistic and interdependent to reinforce learning of prior knowledge.

  7. Material is sequenced to begin with the simplest part of the system, a single program. Then we move outward to larger programs, then to the kernel, and finally to hardware.




  1. Passionate about enabling people to reach their potential through shared culture and teamwork.

  2. Experienced in teaching reversing and exploitation

  3. Experienced in reversing and exploitation

Transition to Mission


  1. Curriculum is developed with intention of students having small as gap as possible from exercises in the classroom to challenges faced during actual work

  2. Our tools, scripts, and environment are all available for students to take with them, with the exception of paid, licensed software. We make it easy to plug in licenses and continue performing with the same software as in the classroom.

  3. We provide mentorship services to transition students from classroom to mission.

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