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Rodolfo Cuevas

Rodolfo is a security researcher and systems analyst at BCI.  His research interests lie in the arena of the socio-technical aspects of cyber-enabled system conception, implementation, and operation.  In particular, he champions systems-level thinking for the deliberate design of systems that address operational needs.  At BCI, Rodolfo focuses his research on understanding how design constraints can be used to limit the impact an attacker can have on a system and maximize the system owner’s ability to identify and adapt to adverse operating conditions.  This work combines the adversarial mindset with approaches influenced by systems and control theory.  Previously, Rodolfo was a staff member at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.  He began his career as a RADAR and ballistic missile defense system (BMDS) analyst.  Later, Rodolfo transitioned to evaluating and red-teaming tactical and commercial cyber systems in support of DoD and other government programs.  He holds a BS, M.Eng., and M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University.

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